Scalloway Preschool is subject to regular inspections. The two bodies responsible for regulation and inspection of early learning and childcare in Scotland are ‘Education Scotland’ and the Care Inspectorate (sometimes referred to as the SCSWIS)

Education Scotland

Education Scotland has the power to quality assure all settings funded to provide children’s entitlement to early learning and childcare in Scotland. Education Scotland inspects and reports on the quality of education in voluntary and private settings, and early learning and childcare settings such as preschools and nursery classes run by local authorities.

There is more information about inspections of early learning and childcare in the Inspection and review section of our website. Education Scotland works in cooperation with the Care Inspectorate within the duties of the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 (the Act).

Following an inspection by HM Inspectors, Education Scotland publishes a letter to parents telling them about the quality of educational provision the learning and childcare setting offers.

Details about Scalloway Preschool on the ‘Education Scotland’ website can be found here. A direct download of the report can be found at the bottom of this page.


Care Inspectorate

From September 2011, Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland(SCSWIS) has been known as the Care Inspectorate.

It continues as the independent regulator of a wide range of care, social work services and child protection services, including childcare. The Care Inspectorate regulates services by inspecting them against the relevant legislation and National Care Standards.

Information about Scalloway Preschool on the ‘Care Inspectorate’ website can be found here. (To find Scalloway Preschool you will have look up ‘Scalloway’ using the keyword search provided) A direct download of the report is posted below.


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