Our approach…

to Early Years Learning and Care

We believe that learning and care are inseparable and a loving atmosphere fostered by good relationships between home and preschool helps a child feel happy, settled and secure in their life.

We aim to provide a wide range of activities with the focus on active learning through experiential play as well as other elements of early years approaches to learning.

You can find more about this at the Government’s Education Scotland site here

to the Curriculum

We follow the local and national guidelines such as Curriculum for Excellence, Birth to Tree and Building the Ambition documents. You can find more about these at the Education Scotland site here

Our aim is to make appropriate provision within the curriculum to ensure children are actively involved in their learning through child led approaches like responsive planning, scaffolding knowledge and possible lines of development inspired by their ideas.

to both children and parents

We also aim to provide childcare in a way that meets parent’s needs and work in partnership with them, therefore providing high levels of customer care at all times.

We look to encourage all aspects of development, supporting and guiding children in a holistic way emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually. We also hope to encourage confidence and independence to help children cope in life and in preparation for the school environment.